Take control & insert learning into your child's screen time
with lock screen math quizzes and parental controls

Lock Screen Math Quizzes

Appear at pre-set time intervals.  Your child correctly answers questions to unlock and access their mobile device.  For grades 1-6.

Parental Controls 

You can remotely set the frequency and duration of quizzes, input custom questions, track learning progress and lock your child's device.

Personalized Learning 

Built with PhD learning scientists using research proven to improve math scores. Question difficulty automatically adjusts based on your child's skill level.  

We make your child's screen time valuable
"I uploaded this app onto my son's electronics.  I absolutely love it.  I know this will take the country by storm.  It is absolutely going to make a difference in his math achievement.  It is in alignment with what he is learning.  As an educator, I am going to recommend this to all my parents."
Monica R.
"It forces my child to pause from playing games continuously 
and start thinking" 
Thomas B.
"My son loves it and the fact 
that he is learning is great" 
Kendra M.
"I can now incorporate studying 
into her screen time."
Just $9.95
No ads or in-app purchases
"Designed with evidence-based, research-driven 
learning science principles"
Dr. Robert Bjork, Advisor and Distinguished Research Professor at UCLA
Featuring over 70,000 unique math questions for grades 1-6
Subjects: Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Number System, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Ratios, Base 10, Expressions, Equations and Functions.
Built with PhD learning scientists
Kids learn math skills each time they go mobile and advance levels as they master subjects over time
Improve your child's math scores and confidence each time they go mobile 
For just $9.95!
Join ScreenTime Learning today and get:
  •  The ScreenTime Learning App with lock screen math quizzes for use on 3 Android devices
  •  A personalized, adaptive learning engine for 3 children
  •  Your custom parental control dashboard that can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  •  Helpful tips and insights from our learning scientists
  •  Access to exclusive, member-only educational events and content
Just $9.95
No ads or in-app purchases
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"Small children, like the rest of us, have gone mobile — tripling their time on devices such as tablets and phones in the past four years, according to a new survey."
Turn all that screen time into learning time
Just $9.95
No ads or in-app purchases
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